Ah yes, who wouldn’t want to have their very own VOORGEVEL on the wall?!

VOORGEVEL posters can be ordered in different sizes and printed on different kinds of materials.
Select your favorite VOORGEVEL on the website or see the VOORGEVEL Facebookpage for the newest facades.

You have two main options
1, Order the poster on 80 grams paper. A great way to have a VOORGEVEL on your wall for a nice price*:
– A2: 594 x 420 mm         20 euro
– A1: 841 x 594 mm         25 euro
– A0: 1189 x 841 mm       30 euro

2. Go for that special something and select the paper you like best:Strees 2 Jurrit web

Start price*: 50 Euro
– 130 grams paper                          +10 euro
– 180 grams paper                          +20 euro
– 190 grams photo paper silk        +40 euro
– 240 grams photo paper shiny    +50 euro

If you want to go big:
– A1:   +10 euro
– A0:   +20 euroMarzahn

– Most, but not all photo’s are suitable for printing on a large format.
– *Prices are incl. tax and excl. delivery costs
– For other sizes and personal wishes, feel free to contact me.